2011-03-14 16:18:04 ET

the Merc...fet?
Not quite yet.
Something like "Hey if I wear a flogger over my shoulder, dress like a vampqueen, and drink greyhounds, I'm a lifestyler, right?"
But not quite that desperate.
Something better, but not quite...there yet.

I didn't see any instances of "on your knees now girl, for I am Azog the XXYYZZ"
(tendency towards Fictional characterization/long story)
or for that matter...
"OMG can you believe what she's wearing"
(sure sign of vanilla establishment)
On a positive note, i definately didn't see any of the "Seattle standard" femdom mentality (goth or otherwise), wherein the words "we're/I'm entitled to X because we are female blah blah blah" were uttered (shades of the wetspot pre reform)

Actually, it was a pretty darn good night, the place had potential, and no politics...Miraculoso.

Music, extra good, Marius is great.
Drinks, fantastic, strong, cheap.
Environment - a bit run down.
People - some serious potential.

More to come later :)

2011-03-14 17:38:17 ET

the night is way off the hook sometimes. i think you'll get your chance with some people there soon enough.

2011-03-15 16:27:46 ET

we'll see, I may just end up renewing membership at one of the other private venues, to get that side of me out now and again, never know :)

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