Australia and DJ's
2011-02-23 01:45:50 ET

So I made it back without being flooded, and still as pale as the day I left (thank you random storm that destroyed the 12 days of 'high summer' I was in NSW, with the exception of 3 hours on a random golf course).

Being that I'm one of those "rather be out than in" types, (oh hush pervs), I spent a great many of the nights I was down under in various clubs...Sydney, Wollongong, etc. While I was spending my tie in these various pibs, clubs, RSL ASL houses, and clubs...I found something odd.

You see, I tend to be that guy nosing around the booths, networking with DJ's, and figuring out what they have installed in clubs (all to forward the power of THE BOOTH - more on that later).

Long story short...what are all those talented Aussie DJ's using?

It's not CDJ's.
It's not Laptops/Serato/Traktor (though there was a ton of traktor in non club venues).
It's definitely not vinyl.

It's a single dock, with two ipods, and a fader, with the DJ face down below the booth 90% of the time.

2011-02-23 01:49:33 ET

that's just silly

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