I really
2011-10-01 00:26:35 ET

Need to start writing here more.

Also to update the whole "bio" thing.

also to find more sleep, eventually, for the brother in law decendeth Sunday, I suspect much drinking will occur.

he haz beer.

I haz everclear.


2011-10-01 00:35:37 ET

Party at your place. All the cool kids are coming. Don't let the spazzoids know...

2011-10-03 11:09:49 ET

totes al ly

2012-08-07 00:20:53 ET

man you fail at this whole updating more thing d-:

2012-08-07 18:42:20 ET

It's the whole barely has time to go to subkultures on top of the other 50 things to update thing...failsauce.

2012-08-07 19:58:00 ET

sk is silly anyway

2012-08-09 01:59:22 ET

silly is silly, sooo silly.

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