So right now
2011-03-17 11:28:03 ET

I'm watching my kitchen get finalized.
New everything, appliances, cabinets, island, etc...which really is about time, since the old stuff had been in the house since 1962, appliances and furnishings wise in the Kitchen.

Tore down a wall or two in the process, got an entirely open living space in the front of the house, sort of a great room "light", which I'm digging big time (hello california/arizona/montana/hawaii in me).

Diggin, it.

2011-03-17 22:39:34 ET

mmm kitchen means baking!!!!!!

2011-03-17 22:41:22 ET

*chuckles* in new oven no less.
Admittedly I'm a bit of a foodie, love my kitchen :)

2011-03-17 22:42:20 ET

im so jealous! =P

2011-03-17 22:44:17 ET

Heh, but you do better sweet stuff than i do I bet, judging from your posts :) de-lisious.

2011-03-17 22:47:02 ET

today i got in the mail 5 cupcake pans!
they each hold 24 cupcakes...i am ecstatic =)

and i do other things too..other than sweet stuff! =)

i posted an image of the cheesecake i made just now =)

2011-03-17 22:49:13 ET


mmm and it was good..i want to make more!

2011-03-17 22:53:40 ET

I tend towards Italian and Southwestern (and sometimes outright hispanic - mainly on holidays) cooking.

tonight was
sausage w asagio cheese tortellini - light pesto/garlic drizzle
fresh sourdough french bread with (more) pesto/some minor spicing.
flank steak done with some kalabi and a twist of horseradish.
"standard caesar salad" coke :)

Your cheesecake looks bomb, you are the superwoman of the sweets.

2011-03-17 22:55:12 ET

ah it sounds good.
i would have liked to have had that meal =) for sure.

that cheesecake was killer! =D
it wasnt overly sweet. it was perfect. =)

hehe superwoman of sweets!

2011-03-17 22:55:49 ET

Cheesecake done right is always a killer! cause it puts you into food coma :)

2011-03-17 22:58:25 ET

i wish i had some of that cheesecake right now.
i think its the cheesecake i ever had. hands down.

2011-03-17 23:04:09 ET

Assuming you meant "best", cause yaknow...if you wanted the "crappiest" cheesecake ever right now...

Hmm, that might be a fetish.

2011-03-17 23:04:51 ET

And yes, that is the epic cupcake pan.

2011-03-17 23:10:06 ET

a cheesecake fetish?

i think i have a baking fetish. =D

yes epic cupcake pans! 24 cupcakes at once is like holy cow!


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