2005-12-12 19:09:53 ET
Lately i been seriously lonely and been spending time downloading alot of PORN. Its a new feeling for me cause im not too deep into porn. I think its cause i dont have acces to sex as much as i did be4 and krys broke up with me again so im really feeling lonely i have no clue on what to do bout us. I have the feeling on just giving up hope on having a future with her. I Love her to death and im deeply in love with her but maybe she is better off with out me.

     2005-12-06 10:37:18 ET
I'm getting ready to go to class now playing In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida *yes the entire song* and then im feeling pretty good till i realize that i have to go to my computer class tonight. I hate that class with a passion omgf well the clas isnt too bad its just my professor she sits there and reads the book to us im thinkin whats the fuckin point of having an $82.00 book when she is going to read it to us and force it on everyones comp screen. *sigh* when will the madness end. Unfortunatly my ends in the 2nd week of feb. MY finals are in fucking january ugh i hate my school.

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