Sorry    2005-12-17 11:18:07 ET
well i hvae been dumped and it doesnt feel good. I'm lonely and she says that we can still be friends but i dont think thats true. I really want her in my life as my g/f. I dont know what to do. Its hard to move on when u really love someone that has really been there for. I know that since she doesnt want me no1 wants me. I cry ever nite knowing that i probably could have stoped this from happening. Its all my fault she isnt with me and that she doesnt love me any more. She was perfect i wouldnt have changed a thing. Now cause of me im crying myself to sleep wishing she would come back to me.

 Lonely and Bored    2005-12-14 12:44:18 ET
For the past few days maybe a week, i have been having trouble finding things to do. I have school, im painting, writing and reading and actually studying but there isnt shit to do. Im trying to make friends but this is NYC there isnt many ppl here that worth the shit out your ass. I'm not perfect either i have my moments but its hard i know its not easy but damn. I wanna have fun its just i can only do so much alone i wanna share it with someone. *ugh i suck*

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