Bored    2006-02-04 17:26:26 ET
  • My top result for the selector, Invader Zim Personalitly Test, is Gir

  •  Southerner / Northerner    2006-01-27 11:02:54 ET
    Well i am in ahoskie n.c right now and guess what IT SUCKS. There is nothing out here but coton fields fuckin cotton fields to give you a visual of were i am if you have ever seen the movie high tension (a french film its pretty great) and where the two main characters get to a house thats like on the edge of a corn field and its like the only one there. umm thats like where i am. For those of you who havent seen it think jeepers creepers. I went from loud obnoxious (<---how ever u spell it)filthy new york city to cotton pleasantvile kinda shit ahosie north carolina. I need help im here for school but if there aint shit to do here ima explode and i dont know how to drive yet cause my grandma is lazy and old.

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