2006-03-14 19:56:44 ET

Which Jhonen Vaquez character are you? By EmReznor.

 Alone for good    2006-03-14 17:53:29 ET
Well im back in new york i couldnt handle being in the deep south it was aggrivating. Recent news i was officially dumped while visiting krystal in South Carolina. Come to find out she has a g/f now and she is happy. It hurts like hell there is no doubt about that but i just have to lick my wounds and move on. She says she wants to be my friend but friends talk and call im sick of calling some1 that doesnt call me. It makes me seem needy and what not *any1 that has been in my situation understands what i mean*. I know im not perfect but i bust my fucking ass to attempt to make her happy while being with me we been together 1 year and 7 months to some that seems like puppy love bull shit to me thats alot cause i was actually happy just being with her and it wasnt cause she was convient she was real. Now im single and through all the entries i put in here about krys and i breaking up this is and entry that will nver say we will be back together. I dont like being alone i want a g/f im sick of fucking around i want a relationship. DONT GET ME WRONG FUCKING AROUND HAS ITS ADVANTAGES AND ITS FUN its just that i been doing this for so long. There are alot of things i need to let go, Like my insecurity lol thats a huge issue. I was always told that i'm not ugly and im cute and stuff but its hard to feel that when your self esteem is low. What makes shit worst is that when your dumped by some1 you love it makes you feel unattractive very unattractive. I guess thats life you live you learn you get dumped and cry. lmao *i need help*

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