Friendship?    2006-03-26 19:54:48 ET
Me and krys been through so much shit im even feeling alot better about myself, i know she doesnt want to deal with me while im going through my mental illness issues but even though that hurts when she goes through problems i dont care what it is i just wanna make her feel better i want her to know that im here for her. I dont think she wants me to be there for her. When we was together she told me everything samething when we was separted now i will be lucky just to hear about a class giving her shit. I'm not trying to be dr. phill to her im trying to be a friend to help her feel better. I call just to say hi, i know she is busy with a girlfriend, school and friends i just feel left out something inside me keeps telling me that "if she gives a shit she would call just to say hi also" i dont know im just trying not to lose this friendship like all my others.

 Single    2006-03-24 00:49:29 ET
I have this empty feeling inside and i dont know how to fill it. I feel lost like there is no purpose. I Feel there is a need to go on a search to find myself but i have no clue on where to start. But for now i cry myself to sleep wondering.

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