questions    2006-04-02 22:17:15 ET

[x] gotten drunk

[x] go to school

[x] dropped out of school

[x] have a pet

[] sleep walk

[] have ever own a backstreet boys CD

[x] cried in public

[x] puked in public

[x] particapatded in a talent show or play at school b4

[x] still color in little kid coloring books

[k] spell cool with a k [ kool ]

[] ever won one of those advertisements where you have to shoot the watermelon or the ducks

[x] pass notes in class


[] notebook

[] tuckeverlasting

[]where the red fern grows

[x] a walk to remember

[x] day after tomarrow

[x] taxi

[] a cinderella story

[x] drive me miss daisy

[] riding with boys

[x] miss congeniality 2

[x] beauty shop

[x] guess who

[x] gothika

[x] ring 1

[x] ring 2

[x] the grudge

[x] neopolian dynamite

[x] jungle book

[x] cinderella

[x] pocahontas

[x] Dumbo

--fill in the blanks--

>I am La
>I want to be happy .
>I need to leave nyc.
>I can't ever do anything right.
>I'm SO odd.
>I will never be ?
>I refuse to apologize.
>I will always be myself.
>One thing you should know about me is ?.
>I wish I had more friends who were trustworthy and not liars.
>One thing I would change about myself is my temper.
>I hate some people.
>I love some people.



*K*kinky (mmmm)
*V*vibrator (lol)


Eye Color:: brown
Hair Color:: dark brown
Hair Style:: depends on the day
Birthday(month and day):: 5/5
Heritage:: dont know
Religion:: none
Age:: 18
Skin Color::brown

.::Currently You're::.
Seeing:: this computer screen
Feeling::3 H's Hungry, Happy, Horny
Hearing:: Family guy dvd
Talking To:: nikki online
Eating:: nothing
Drinking:: water
Wearing:: tank top and boxers

.::Relation Ships::.
Single or Taken:: single
Crush/gf or bf:: none
Their Name:: no one
What do you like best about them:: n/a
Why are you attracted to them:: n/a

.::Last Person That::.
IMed you:: -- nikki
Yelled At You:: krys (online)
Hugged You:: natalie
Kissed You:: natalie (on cheek)
Said Your Name:: dont know
Stared At You:: hector
Laughed At/With You:: dont know

Band(s):: Metallica, tool, apc
Game(s):: castlevania, animal crossing, kingdom hearts
Movie(s):: soilent green, Family guy
Book(s):: the chamber
Friend(s):: good question
Song(s):: All metallica, tool, apc and tupac me and my g/f
Tv/Cartoon/Anime Show(s):: family guy, hellsing,boondocks
Food(s):: beef pattie
Color(s):: black/purple
Website(s):: not sure
Drink(s):: water and liquor

Obesity:: ??
Fidelity:: ??
Anorexic:: ??
Politics:: ??
Racism:: not right
Homosexuals:: love'em
Bisexuals:: depends
George W. Bush:: DIE BITCH
Abortion:: not right
Rape:: not right

.::Opinion on the band/singer::.
Good Charlotte:: bleh
Madonna:: old madonna better
Britney Spears:: ugly bitch
Lostprophets:: ??
Black Sabbath:: great
Blink 182:: eh
Something Corporate:: ??
Evanescence:: not too bad
Eminem:: bleh/hott
Usher:: *vomite*
Yellowcard:: ??
Hoobastank:: ??
Chevelle:: who

Best:: good question
Smartest:: "
Prettiest:: "
Funniest:: "
Sweetest:: "
Most Generous:: "
Most Annoying:: "
Most Creative:: "
Most Boring:: "
Saddest:: "
Most Talkative:: "
.::This or That::.
Dorritos or Cheetohs:: Cheetos
Cat or Dog:: dog
Jolly Ranchers or Starburst:: Starburst
Orange Juice or Apple Juice:: apple
Blonde or Brunette:: brunette
Black or White:: black
Red or Blue:: red
Japan or China:: japan
Winter or Summer:: summer
Halloween or Christmas:: halloween
X-Box or PS2:: ps2
MP3 or CDs:: hate questions like these
Pants or Shorts:: neither
Real Life or Webcam:: real life

Did you like the survey:: yeah
Scariest thing in the world::Assholes
Are you a guy or girl:: girl
5 things on your desk::cell phone/glasses/DS,cd's, my annoying cat
5 cherished things in your room:: me/art stuff/laptop/pictures/DS
Which question was the best:: ??


~WoRd AsSoCiAtIoN sUrVeY~
What word pops into your head when you hear....

Scissors -- cut
Smile -- fake
Internet -- yay
Mary -- virgin
Basketball -- women
Marker -- smell (dont ask)
CD -- music
Road -- drive
AOL -- "good-bye"
Sun -- shield
Talk -- music
Supercalafraglisticexpialidocious -- happy (never knew how to spell it)
yellow -- Bright
Jimmy -- neutron
Star --sis
Movie -- family guy
Boat -- drowning
Sing -- bad
Telletubbies -- uht oh
School -- want to go back
Rain -- wet
Shine -- bright
Love -- is for losers
Me -- bleh


 Poem?    2006-03-31 21:28:47 ET
What I felt what I known sick and tierd i stand alone. Alone in a world where everything is Noahs ark. I stand alone hoping to come out of the dark to feel the warmth of anothers heart. To know true happiness doesnt just come from someones imagination that its true and can be obtained with out procrastination. Still waters run deep, love is a mountain climb thats steep. All is fair in love and war it makes you cry at someones chamber door. Fuck it I quote Edgar Allen Poe The Raven "Never More" "Never More" will I allow a woman to play with my heart like a riff from a guitar. "Never More" will i allow a woman to drive my pockets like a car, But most of all "Never More" will the tears of pain run from my eyes and trickle down to my chest from my chin cause my heart is broken. Again i quote "Never More" will i be tapping at someones chamer door just to say give me once more. Knowing not only does the pain run from my eye's to drip on my chest it flows through my veins cause my heart is pumping the pain.

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