Taking test    2006-04-27 01:58:31 ET
So i took a test to see what kind of emoticon i would be *bored as hell and cant sleep) this is my result.

You've probably already calculated that you're a brainiac!

Hello, smarty pants! A curious and inquisitive character like you gets the message in more ways than one. While some people may use IM to pass along gossip or simply kill time, you probably like to use that brainpower for more thoughtful discussions on topics like politics, the latest news headlines, or even just to laugh at yourself when you've missed the obvious.

For you, IM probably likely serves a useful purpose. Whether you're talking to a friend overseas, asking a co-worker about a project, or solving the problems of the world, you're using that mental muscle of yours. But while you like to get stuck into some hefty subjects on-line, we know that you're not one to take yourself too seriously. So keep it up, brainiac! That's a clever way to be!

 bored like usual    2006-04-27 01:07:31 ET
Well hmm lets see...I been bored lately so i have decided to want to dread my hairI'm still questioning it and yes i am half naked.......in other news kala and I have been talking alot as days go by more and more she reminds me of krys this is kala she is really cute *smiles big* still wondering and scared as shit

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