Lonely    2006-06-29 17:03:31 ET
Well monday i went out to chill with this girl and she was gettin high *smoking weed* and i was drinking we was with her friends andi dont remember wtf happened all i know is that now she doesnt want anything to do with me deleted me as a buddy and ignores my calls...I dont know what to say but i told her how i get when im drunk and that i dont smoke weed. Krys says fuck it fuck her. My co-workers say that she was an ugly bitch and that me and her both was 2 different worlds anyway so it would have never worked out....i dont know what to think cause i really did like her

 im a working girl now    2006-06-15 20:04:58 ET
For the longest i been looking for a job and you know what i finally got one...omfg im so tierd physically but i get weekends off so im good thats all i really been doing lately well im off to bed to start another day of work of tossing salads lol its fun once u get the hang of it

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