Back in the south    2006-09-20 01:46:25 ET
ITs been a long while since i been 0n here HMMM>>>>>>> So im in south carolina this time lol and so far so good. Only issue is work i need a fuckin job, thats the only reason i miss home is cause i had a damn job. Since i been here i been to a party and had sex with a drunken sexy woman. Who oddly enough called me yesterday *i sliped my number in her back pocket* and asked to chill sayin that she likes me. *brushin shoulders off lol*
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 Lonely in NYC    2006-07-16 21:01:04 ET
Well im happy for 1 reason i finally got my GED diploma in the mail *FUCK YEAH* i been waiting so long for it omfg i thought i failed for sure my math sucks i barely made it but my science score rocked i knew that science is my thing...Well its 2:00am and my ass should be in bed cause i have to work im so tierd from playing basketball. Lately i been feelin lonely i have yet to find any1 worth hangin out with yet i dont know what to do its killin me...other than that my mind is just wondering around...hmmm

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