something new?    2006-04-24 01:42:54 ET
Well recently i have just purchased a psp and its not as sexy as it looks once its in my hand i dont know but i still love my DS thats my baby lol. On the same day i bought my psp i got a phone call on my cell her name is Kala and she is the coolest thing ever. Its kind of creepy cause she reminds me so much of krys it is insane. From the way she thinks to the sound of her voice. I feel stuck on what to feel cause i enjoy talking to her and find myself very attracted to her. She is willing to give me her truck *she has 2*. people tell me to shut up and take it cause i do so much for people and now its time for someone to do something for me *karma* (i knew i wasnt so fucked up lol) I'm just scared cause im not trying to repeat the past she is too much like krys i dont know wtf to do?

 "Brain Droppings"    2006-04-10 22:03:56 ET
I been alone for sometime now and im adjusting to it slowly the thing that gets to me the most is that the people that know u and know u was dumped and having problems dealing with it parade their relationship around you talkin bout they have to go to bed they this and they that wtf. Really wtf is the point of doing that now other than when u was in a relationship u never heard shit. "never let an IDIOT ruin you're day" i try not to but the idiots that ruin my day have the biggest impact on my emotions. I already stay to myself i get out the house but im anti-social. I dont know just everything seems to be pissing me off. I was at my aunts house and my 2yr old cousin went through my book bag now i cant find my mood stabalizers *lithium* my MP3 player, my chrger to my video game *DS* and pieces to my phone that happen to be irreplacable. This bitch thinks i would allow a 2yr old to dig through my bad with that shit in there. She doesnt pay attention to her son now my lithium is in that house some where and the question that runs through my head is what if he opens it and eats it cause i took the child proof cap off *it gave me hell* I told her to help me look but she cant take her ass off the comp to even make her own food. My pills concern me more than the other shit cause my cousin doesnt know any better. I'm on what to do. I need a damn vacation I'm fucking damned if i do and damned if i dont.

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