Somethings should be left alone    2005-11-08 15:03:44 ET
For awhile now i have been wondering whats going on in the
mind of the woman that i love. We talk but it seems like she
is distant from me. I ended up finding out her blog information
and i read the entries. I wasnt happy from what I read, I thought
i also can turn her world around and that my smile can light up
the darkest ally. I'm angered by reading that she
actually has deep feelings for another, but im happy to
actualy know whats going on in her life. Since she has left
i havent felt apart of her life her world. I felt like i was
apart of all that by reading the blog even though i wasnt
My love for her isnt going to change cause if it was it
wouldnt be love. I just feel like i should back down from her
life and slowly disappear from her life.
For some reason it seems like the best option.
I'm changing my life around and for some reason she
doesnt seem to be in the option. Even though
I want to spend my life with her.
I think its cause from what i read.

 The Search begins?    2005-11-06 19:28:15 ET
For a while now i been trying to figure out where I belong in life Who am I and my purpose. My main goal is to find myself and I'm pretty sure that the rest would follow. So far what i have figured out is that I'm more of a loner than I thought I was. I have a low very low tolerence for people in person. So thats pretty much it so far. I do know that this will be a long journey i just hope that no1 i care for gets hurt.

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