Home Sweet Hell    2005-10-26 18:36:34 ET
Well i'm back *no need for a staning ovation* and as soon as i got inside my apt the lights wouldnt turn on, im thinkin the lights blew but come to find out the bill is over due. OMG i hate my fucking mother everything is my fault its like im no good. She makes me feel like i should have been a knuckle child. When i was leaving S.C I wanted to cry i loved it there so much not only was the weather better than shitty NYC but i felt wanted i can actually say i felt loved in a weird undescribable sense. I actually plan on living down there well just for school.
Me With out the lights.

 Leaving    2005-10-18 18:54:50 ET
Tommorrow im leaving for SC to visit my lovely wife yay cant wait. Sadly im taking the bus there thats going to be hell. I should be fine as long as i get a window seat.

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