Counting    2005-10-14 21:16:56 ET
4FUCKINg days in counting *eh about* till i see the woman that i love so much. I Love her so much i get nervous, *sigh* I wish we wasnt in different states so i can be closer to her *ugh i'm getting mushy 'n' shit* I'm just so happy i miss her so much, the last time i was this happy i watched my first porn. I also brought a few dvd's and one of them was Family guy's Stewie's Untold story and I fucking love it. Its funny its cool. I would advise anyone who enjoys family guy and has seen it to buy the dvd.

 Lost of intrest question wonder, waves of fear they pull me under.    2005-10-11 13:58:13 ET
At this very moment im sitting in my well known put ur ass to sleep comp class and the only thing thats keeping me awake is my art but not even that. I havent slept in a couple of weeks and its killing me. I'm not thinking as good as i usually do and im more vunerable to getting sick *mentally*. I'm lost confused and in need of sex.I'm going to visit my woman in the week coming in south carolina i cant wait for 2 reasons. I haven't been out of new york in 10 years and that was to go to arizona. And lastly i miss her so much. She is the reason why i cant sleep i gotten so acustomed to her next to me its became uncomfortable wit out her.

For some odd reason i have became addicted to hacky sack and i really dont know how to play it.

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