2005-09-29 18:03:09 ET
Ok OK this is weird but i was on the bus today and a group of people was talking bout sex loudly. Thats not weird but the weird part is that they was talking bout a "Filthy Sanchez". Now i have heard that saying before but I never knew WTF it was or is. I feel so inexperienced....IF anyone knows what it is exactly let me know it will kill my curiosity

     2005-09-28 19:06:57 ET
I'm so FUCKIN LONELY. I have no freinds no1 wants to talk to me i feel completly invisible and my wife is in another state bustin her ass. I wish i could be there wit her but i dont wanna be a bother into her new life. I'm a fuckin loser im 18 and live in New York City and has never really been out the house or to a party. I just want some1 i can be a loser with. But in NYC its hard to find people who can be your friend, associate shit or even your smoke buddy.

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