2005-10-05 16:46:42 ET
I dont even know why I bother with people to begin with. I dont like change I fucking hate change, but i do it. I get asked alot to change things about me cause people feel embarrissed by the way i am. When i do change they want more things to change, and they are never happy. Cause there is always more they dont say it but you know it. The weird thing about it all is that i dont want them to change at all. So i'm kind of stuck on what to do.

 2Good 2B TRU    2005-10-01 17:38:20 ET
My day started off early like at 9am. I had discovered that there is a hot topic on queens so i went to go and check it out. On the bus a couple of people was talkin bout this place where there is a bunch of games at i asked them where it was and they told me so went. I spent most of that time just chilling not really playing games. I got caught up in a guy playing DDR. He was perfect at it, his friends or w/e was talkin to me and telling me to go and play. I didnt cause i cant dance i have no rythem. When i left i went to go to the train station to go to hot topic. On my way there i was robed by 3 guys for my i pod and 20 bucks. The guys punched me in the face and pulled a blade out on me. So now im angry as fuck not cause of the money or the ipod its cause i felt like i could have done something i dont know what but ugh. My day started off perfect but it ended with no money,no music and a hurt face.

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