the time has come
2006-01-12 23:05:54 ET

I am leaving new york. Yes that is fucken right im going to go to ahoskie nc for college im transfering. I'm leaving the 20th of this month (jan. Im sad to leave cause now things are going great. I actually have people to chill with its cool, my mom doesnt want me to leave *what mother doesnt* but im doing this for a better future. Recently i just found out that my grandad *my moms father* has died 2 days after my moms b-day that was jan 6th. He lives in arizona i miss him so much. He is the only family member that actually gave a shit about me, and had enough faith in me to give me a guitar at the age of like 10ish to give me an acoustic guitar thats 20yrs older than me. so i can learn to rock out. He is the fucken best and i will greatly miss him.

2006-01-13 02:34:10 ET

Good luck with moving. I know how hard it can be - trying to move out. I myself haven't moved out yet but I want to. I feel like my family is holding me back from moving out and going to a college further away from here.

As for your grandfather , sorry to hear that. Keep playing guitar though.

2006-01-13 04:26:24 ET

Welcome to the Carolinas, even if you are chosing the other Carolina...

2006-01-13 22:39:22 ET

My family is trying to keep me back but fuck them you are the holder of your own future. Youre damned if you do and damned if you dont with family. I got lucky becouse my grandma *fathers mother* lives there so thats who im staying with. I wish you luck trying to move out it is a hard journey, i will always keep playing the guitar.:)
Thanx for the welcome its well needed and appriciated

2006-01-14 16:18:20 ET

I'm sorry for your loss *hugs*

2006-01-27 10:51:19 ET

thanx even though weeks has past im till feeing empty but he is in a better place

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