2003-11-16 20:08:42 ET

i need to get off my ass and find more models....

how do you ask a girl if she would like to model with out looking like a leacherious old pervert...

is it possible...

2003-11-16 20:09:46 ET

i don't think it is. i can't even compliment a girl without getting that look.

2003-11-16 20:10:46 ET

Yeah....talking to a girl in general makes us look like pervs

2003-11-16 20:11:03 ET

i wish i could carry my website around with me to prove i wasn't lying...

on well, i guess this begins the giant "face slapping campaign of winter '03"....

2003-11-16 20:14:26 ET

.. or you just wait til they're really drunk.

what kind of models are you looking for? maybe they wouldn't have to be too drunk.

2003-11-16 20:15:09 ET

Having a card that looks professional either. Its even creepier

2003-11-16 20:16:00 ET

yeah, wait till there really drunk....


that'll work, right...

2003-11-16 21:27:32 ET

Get buisness cards with your web site on it so they know you are legit

2003-11-16 21:35:14 ET

probably the best idea....

2003-11-17 05:37:47 ET

Why does it have to be grrls......?
You have done some really good work with male models...and they
are more accessible to you anyways.
You need to go hit them up.

2003-11-17 10:54:15 ET


2003-11-17 14:31:11 ET

shave and wear a tie ?

or maybe - go for the 'Eurofag professional' look.

2003-11-17 14:33:34 ET

Don't run up to them and say in a hyperactive speech: "Hey, want to model for me, huh, I take pictures, come on!"

It doesn't work

2003-11-17 14:53:39 ET

yeah, i'll put that down on my don't do list...

2003-11-21 07:53:30 ET


Have your gorgeous girlfriend ask them for you?

2003-11-21 11:11:54 ET

huh...thats a better idea

2003-11-21 14:35:07 ET

don t bring me in on this!!!

2003-11-21 18:12:52 ET


2003-12-08 22:08:49 ET

you leacherious old pervert! ;)


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