2002-07-06 19:38:48 ET

2002-07-06 22:11:21 ET

two questions about it how long? and how much?

2002-07-07 01:03:40 ET

3 and 1/2 hours, $200 bucks cause the artist really wanted to do the tattoo, but normally you'd be looking at $100 an hour from the same shop...

2002-07-07 02:19:51 ET

wow cool deal

2002-07-07 02:23:25 ET

yeah the guys at stained skin in columbus ohio are great people...i think they were actually a little freaked to get some one all the way from indy coming out for a tattoo...

2002-07-07 02:27:14 ET

I've gotta start looking around here for someplace that's cool like that

2002-07-07 03:04:23 ET

I like ur art. How do you do that stuff?

2002-07-07 03:04:24 ET

I like ur art. How do you do that stuff?

2002-07-07 09:21:53 ET

my art....like my digital art...in a way its just like making a collage but with photoshop...i cut piece from various photos and stick them together...and thank you

2002-07-07 09:30:08 ET

:) art, digital art, its still art :)

2002-07-07 09:56:34 ET

not in a lot of people eye's...unfortunately

2002-07-07 11:43:46 ET

Well I think it is so there :) *is always right*

2002-07-07 11:49:57 ET

I like angelaynie best

2002-07-07 11:54:10 ET

By the way, cool that ur a communications specialist, I wanna do that after I finish high school, well at least if it means the same as it does here.

2002-07-07 11:54:10 ET

By the way, cool that ur a communications specialist, I wanna do that after I finish high school, well at least if it means the same as it does here.

2002-07-07 20:37:40 ET

I was just wondering if you had any special reason for choosing that tattoo. I personally really like it..I just wondered if it had a deeper special meaning.

2002-07-07 23:55:52 ET

See Here: http://www.transparentblack.com/handandeye.htm

2002-07-08 00:59:52 ET

yeah thats a piece i made myself that aynies showing off...hand = grasping, eye = sight....loose references to achieving insight and understanding...mine is an expression of this through the digital realm...jasons is an expression through an ancient (tattooing) and new (new school) art....i also did scared heart and then got the one on the top of my right arm near the wrist...

2002-07-11 02:37:40 ET

so how many tats have you got all up?

2002-07-11 02:43:33 ET

thats a hard question...cause some tattoo's run together...so i could quote sessions....i've gone to a tattoo artist over 9 times (still a newbie, working on sleeves starting at the wrists and going up...one arm is all artists work and the other is all my idea...a japanese traditional sleeve..) i would say i have a third left to go on my right and left lower arms and both upper arms open...after sleeves i'll find an artist who wants to do a back piece then maybe backs of lower legs and back of neck...so yeah i've been getting tattooed for about 2 years now and i'll probably go another 8...

tattoo's i have

2002-07-11 02:49:41 ET

Whoa........ok i was expecting a single number. But shit, you have some good ideas.

Well i only have one at the moment but im working on another. Im only 17 and i have to work around it with my mum. Heh. She doesnt think i should have any more than one. But im definately getting more. I just wish it wasnt a problem with getting jobs, because i'd be covered in them. I would really like to get my whole arm done.

But i do have a few ideas of some that would be hidden well enough to not get me into trouble with work and/or mum. I also want to be a tattooist. But i will work on that when i finish school. :-)

2002-07-11 02:54:31 ET

yeah sometimes i wonder what would happen if i had to get another job but truth be told i don't want to work anywhere that looks down on tattooed people anyway....

and yeah you should get your whole arm tattooed hell get both...

2002-07-11 02:58:44 ET

i've been trying to find some designs for a sleeve myself and as far as work just wear long sleeves and they won't notice

2002-07-11 02:59:32 ET

Yeah me either, but sometimes you have to!

And im really tempted to get my whole arm done, really i am. My dad has alot of tattoos on his arms, names of his kids, and grandkids, and their birthdates. So he can never forget. Its kinda cool though. The way he has done it.

2002-07-11 03:00:49 ET

Yeah but over here, in Australia, summer gets way too fucking hot to wear long sleeves. I have thought about it alot, and i think i'd probably die.

2002-07-11 03:01:20 ET

heh understood

2002-07-11 03:03:16 ET

just be who you want to be...screw everything else...

2002-07-11 03:09:35 ET

I am who i want to be. It's just sometimes hard here. There are lots of judgemental people. I am already judged as it is.

But at the moment i cant really break free, i have to wait 7 more months until i can do whatever the fuck i want and not have anyone tell me, "You dont want to ruin your body" or, "You're not doing that as long as you are under 18 and live in this house"

I cant fucking wait. :-)

2002-07-11 03:34:09 ET

yeah i remember feeling that way when i was 15 ..probably why i ran away when i was 16...

2002-07-22 18:15:28 ET

one of the nice things about being a cultural anthropologist is that they expect me to be odd. makes it real easy to have body art. there are freak friendly careers out there...

2002-07-23 03:36:29 ET

cultural anthropologist...wow...thats awesome...what are your main area's of study right now...what are you working on...

i am a BIG fan of human nature, so cultural anthropology sounds damn interesting...

2002-07-23 19:50:19 ET

I've got a quick and dirty explanation of my dissertation project over on my page. I *still* can't believe that my committee approved my proposal. :-)

the diss is about amateur women mototrcycle racers in the wilds of New Hampshire.

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