2002-07-11 02:26:23 ET



2002-07-11 02:32:01 ET

i like version 2 better

2002-07-11 02:32:49 ET

yeah version 2 is my favorite also

2002-07-11 02:34:29 ET

version 2 is the best

2002-07-11 02:37:05 ET


2002-07-11 02:40:38 ET

Personal opinion? It looks more complete, whereas the first one looks unfinished (when compared with each other). Well, to me anyway.

2002-07-11 02:47:18 ET

thats cool, i like hearing comments like that...

to me its all about the glow ontop of the just finishes the pic...

2002-07-11 02:52:57 ET

Yeah thats kinda what i was aiming at.

2002-07-11 02:56:35 ET

usually when i'm making something i don't know if people will like it or not...but everyonce in awhile i KNOW a piece is good as i'm working on it...i get really excited about those ...this was one of them

2002-07-11 03:04:04 ET

Thats a good way to look at it.
Whenever i do anything i can tell when a piece is going to turn out good or bad. Its a bummer when you have put in so much work for it to have turned out to be shit.
I hate when that happens, or even if you do one LITTLE thing that just ruins the whole peice and cant be fixed.

2002-07-11 08:22:14 ET

I think they both have qualities I like.
I cant believe you used that photo. Kinda bold...for me
that is. Anyways its a really cool photo. I love the green.
I like how in the first one the arc on the head is softer
and that the whole face is glowing brighter in the second
one. I also really didn t like the mask you gave the
model. Yet it looks like it belongs...
Edited to add more

2002-07-17 19:38:21 ET

i like version 2. she has nice breasts.

2002-07-19 06:14:32 ET

I Likex0r!

more specifically, I like the first one better. The mask on the second version is a little over the top.

I especially like the skin-crawling lines.

2002-07-19 06:55:36 ET

yeah but sans mask the second one has better color balance to me, the glow seems to finish the piece...ofcourse really i couldn't decide between the two so i just put them both up on my me undecided

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