2002-07-30 02:11:27 ET

i don't think grrls wear goggles enough...i really don't

2002-07-30 03:06:18 ET

heh. guys don't wear mesh enough. fashions sucks, don't it?

2002-07-30 03:11:24 ET

some guys shouldn't wear mesh...i am one of those guys

2002-07-30 03:15:47 ET

I agree. We girls should wear goggles more. In fact, we should make our own. No more pooey Hot Topic gogs.

2002-07-30 03:18:41 ET

yea--- fuck mesh! i've had mesh-y clothing in the past, and it never looks good on me.

2002-07-30 03:28:38 ET

Heh. Granted some guys should never bother with mesh...but I can't help but like it :) it is one of those things that can only work for guys. I agree that there should be another goggle outlet aside from Goth Corporate/Cheesy Gap subsidiary. Lummy's goggles N Stuff?

2002-07-30 03:37:02 ET

Lummy's Pancakes N Goggles N Comics N T-shirts N Stuff. Across the street from Dead Guy's Pies.

2002-07-30 03:38:05 ET

I'm there :)

2002-07-30 03:38:54 ET

Don't forget..you get a discount on pancakes if you wear slippers. And no -dirty- comics. Just keen imports.

2002-07-30 06:50:03 ET

I use canadian snowboarding goggles+ random goggles i bought at this stop on I-95.

2002-07-30 14:00:34 ET

*nods* army navy surplus stores have the best goggles

2002-07-30 15:28:20 ET

army navy surplus stores have the best stuff period :)

2002-07-30 17:20:52 ET

Um yeah, I actually like their googles(granted I have never bought them).
I do love the army surplus goggles so much!
oh and how the hell do you make your own goggles?

2002-07-30 17:44:13 ET

i do probably to much shopping at army navy surplus stores...

2002-07-31 03:08:47 ET

How to make your own goggles? Well, perhaps a blowtorch, some rubber and a lot of creativity?

2002-07-31 07:46:50 ET

Exactly. Be resourceful.

2002-07-31 08:16:07 ET

I know how to be resourceful.
Its just the skematics of it all

2002-07-31 08:25:10 ET

It's not like its easy or anything..

2002-07-31 08:45:38 ET

There has to be a mold or something one can use. I wonder if that can be purchased.

2002-07-31 08:52:26 ET

Well..sure. Or you could just use a lot of ducttape and hope for the best.

2002-07-31 22:37:47 ET

I realized after reading this thread that I have a treasure in my garage - my dad's old welding goggles from the 1950s. They're that really deep green you can't see through until you've fired up the torch. Gotta go rescue them.

2002-08-01 03:11:06 ET

oh yes, you must :) Pretty awesome find!

2002-08-01 05:37:39 ET

That deserves a mighty HOOHA!

2002-08-01 05:55:31 ET

what is the exact shape...i collect goggles...i might have the same pair...rounded eyes or slit...

2002-08-01 06:57:12 ET

they're round, small eye pieces, that fake plastic turtle shell, little chain connecting the eye pieces in the center, said chain covered with platic tube, elastic head band with dinky little metal adjuster thingy.

2002-08-01 08:39:07 ET

They sound beautiful.

2002-08-01 13:22:56 ET

pretty standard design...i have a pair like that...they are my favorite...

2002-08-01 20:36:21 ET

haven't found them yet! must ransack garage!

2002-08-02 02:58:14 ET

tear apart garage.....must find...goggles :)

2002-08-02 06:27:50 ET

The only thing I've ever been able to dig up at home were semi-c0re nerdy safety glasses.

2002-08-02 10:53:04 ET

like these right...

these are my strangest pair....

2002-08-02 15:06:07 ET


2002-08-03 01:54:56 ET

yeah, they look just like that!

So how does one make goggles stylin?

2002-08-03 01:55:14 ET

yeah, they look just like that!

So how does one make goggles stylin?

2002-08-03 02:43:28 ET

hmmm...thats a hard one...me personally i like them up on my head...like sunglasses that you've pushed up to rest out of sight...i say..check grrls with goggles in there profile pictures on here and look at what there doing, or just come up with your own way...

2002-08-03 13:27:51 ET

Just...go bananas one night and wake up the next morning with a box full of homemade goggles. Works for me.

2002-08-03 22:01:53 ET

there just goggles...who cares about 10 bucks for some goggles...thats nothing

2002-08-04 04:36:47 ET

Or you can spend 10$, yes.

2004-09-18 19:08:58 ET

i found this thread through a search for "surplus goggles"

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