2002-08-05 00:09:58 ET

its 4:00am on a monday morning, i am the only human awake for miles, except joe the crack head who's jonesing on the corner...i wonder if i concentrated hard enough if i could influence all their dreams, i wonder if i'd make them nightmares or happy dreams...

last night, or more so sunday morning when i went to sleep it was horrible restless and i spent the whole time lucid, half aware half asleep...i kept becoming aware of my dreams, i practice this sort of thing normally but the way it happened last err morning it was like watching a movie and being dragged out of it every couple of minutes do to something "waking me up" and everytime i settled back into it i just barely felt comfortable before awakened again...

2002-08-05 00:12:46 ET

hmm give me a couple weeks and i'll be in Terre Haute, and normally awake at 4 am...not sure if that counts for close enough though

2002-08-05 00:16:21 ET

..my grrl might have some qualms if i'm hanging out with some chick in terre haute at 4am...

2002-08-05 00:18:30 ET

hmm good point...not sure if that would get to Aaron or not...better not chance it

2002-08-05 01:03:20 ET

silly old joe the crack head, theres one in every town

2002-08-05 01:09:28 ET

every other block around here...

2002-08-05 20:59:51 ET


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