2002-08-14 00:13:11 ET

2002-08-14 03:14:13 ET

:) !!

2002-08-14 05:04:35 ET

I like it. Its beautiful.
I thinka my face looks kinda funny...
I like the little things in my hands and you did kinda make a little shrine thingy. Yea! Much very nice pikture. Oh and the skull is way cool...

2002-08-14 10:36:11 ET

Yeah, I like it too. Love the purple, makes it seem so regal.

2002-08-18 00:18:11 ET

nah, zayn, your face looks fierce, the way it should. :-)

gorgeous pic.

2002-08-19 18:26:52 ET

Ya, I ve grown on it now.

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