grrls and pizza
2002-04-21 04:54:44 ET

maybe its not all grrlz but....(mine) they really put some gross stuff on pizza...i'm trying to ignore the black olives on a cold slice, and the feta? cheese isn't too disturbing...but why is there gacomolee (spell?) on this thing...*shakes his head*

2002-04-21 05:24:24 ET

I think it's hormone when they get pregnant...Love the hat by the way

2002-04-21 06:02:44 ET

At least it's not potatoes. I know a guy who likes spuds on pizza. ick

2002-04-21 06:24:25 ET

ewwww...that's so wrong

2002-04-21 08:48:34 ET

Well, first off that is Ricotta, second that is avacado,
and third you didn t even finish it. Its still sitting
here in front of the computer. Now you owe me some Bazbeuxs.
What about that shrimp and mexican sausage pizza you made me
eat!?!(ok it was good)
Potatoes sound good. Mmmmm.

2002-04-21 09:24:03 ET

Try fresh spinach, mozerella, feta, red sauce, fresh basil, black olives, red onions, artichoke hearts, and pinon nuts.. good stuff, 'dat.

::former pizza maker guy::

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