one of the downsides...
2002-08-22 04:16:36 ET

one of the downsides of stealing cable is that i have been privy to this unsettling collection of SHITTY ass POP PUNK crap that Mtv is passing around these days....

i say one word for Mtv...BOOT!!!!!!! BOOT BOOT BOOT!!!! for you i have the BOOT!!!

fuck Mtv, fuck this pop punk crap, fuck avriel la-what-the-fuck-ever...fuck sum-forty-dumb, fuck this emo wave, fuck it all, for all ov you i have THE BOOT!!! this 17 year old canadian avriel la-whatever has forced me to declare a god damn holy war on the canadian punk scene, i'm going to rent a trunk fill it with dirt slime and rusty safety pins and import that shit to toronto...WHAT THE does this slop even get the right to call itself punk....BOOT!!!...BOOT!!!!

i think i'm going to take pictures of my jackets and sells "costumized 100% real punk jackets" on ebay...i'll get rich freaking RICH...

to all of you who like sumforty-dumb and avriel la-notapunk...BOOT!!! get out of best buy go to a local record store and look up something cool...try american steel...they've been on my player for days now...ack!!!

2002-08-22 09:36:20 ET

damn right...where's my pop-punk stomping boots and beat-stick?

2002-08-22 11:03:31 ET

How about a nice BIG chainsaw dedicated to POPPY-PUNK bastids?!

2002-08-22 11:06:55 ET

back in the day we had a black luisville slugger with the words "bitch be cool" written across it, it was dubbed the bitch be cool tool, one day we actually had to use it, due mostly to lack of brains on a red necks part....after that we drove nails partially into the end of it (you know so they we sticking out and all), after that all we ever had to do was "show" the tool...

(cranky old man voice) "kids these days would never appriecated that..."

2002-08-22 11:11:55 ET

hehe i had a bat like that but mine had the words "PEACE MAKER" on it hehe :-P

2002-08-22 11:13:16 ET

i've always found chainsaws remarkably unweildy...

2002-08-22 11:13:37 ET

Ohhhhhhh I am a kid on this day and I appreciate that greatly.

Watch them run in their brand new Vans, Dickies pants, and their OH-SO-COOL pyramid wrist cuff!

[[bashes brains]]

2002-08-22 11:14:36 ET

Oh, but chainsaws will do the trick--and quickly too! You could always break their guitars that daddy buys for them. Oh sweet pent-up angst.

2002-08-22 11:16:16 ET

though i have a story about a chainsaw...

theres this place here in town called net heads its a cyber cafe populated by super geeks, they hosted bruce campbell on his way through indy for his book tour or some shit like that...anyways if you bought a ticket you were allowed to bring one thing to get signed...i brought my first edition evil dead VHS (which was stolen by said evil horror punk band) anyways this one dude had a huge duffel bag, and when he got to the front of the line he opened it up....yep damn was a fucking 18 inch bladed gas powered chainsaw....bruce signed the blade...

2002-08-22 11:17:49 ET

Ohhhhhhh yeah! That will make for some sweet wet dreams tonight.

2002-08-22 11:21:02 ET


2002-08-22 11:21:18 ET

wow, that's pretty hot! :-D

2002-08-22 11:38:27 ET

Hot like the motor on a chainsaw that just ripped through the corpses of a few best friends.

2002-08-22 11:39:22 ET

die die die my darling...

2002-08-22 11:42:11 ET

pete, that's a song isn't it?

2002-08-22 11:44:24 ET

Hail to the king, baby.

2002-08-22 11:45:53 ET

umm yeah furax its a song i just forgot who by...*strange look*

2002-08-23 09:36:53 ET

american steel once threw up in my mommys living room.

does this make me punkrock?

2002-08-23 11:06:15 ET

no but it does make your living room

2002-08-23 12:00:53 ET

im sure my mothers living room will be overjoyed to hear of this.

2002-08-24 02:58:38 ET

stick a safety pin in the carpet for added punkness

2002-08-24 06:51:29 ET

dood. hardwood floors.

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