2002-08-26 20:08:21 ET

pretty sure there's more ghou-rls then guys on sk.net...

and i'm pretty down about seeing the public ban during peak hours...thats never a very good sign for a big site like this...means bandwidth is getting out of hand...

2002-08-27 08:16:24 ET

I guess that means we ll have to give them some money.
you know I ve been meaning to, but I think the site needs
more support from the members.

2002-08-29 05:51:05 ET

There are definately more chicas than guys on this site. I always get IM's from the hormonal minors on this site, asking for more boys. 0.0

Miz Zayn: I appreciate the sentiments :)

re: Public ban during peak hours. A LOT of the traffic was coming from non members. At first we made it so that non logged in users can't see the large version of an image (could only see the thumbnail images of the gallery). But that didn't help, thanks to the boredkid months of summer. The public ban is rather sad, because no one can sign up for an account during that time either, but it has really helped with the bandwidth!

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