2002-09-04 13:22:59 ET

pics of the elusive huskarl on the dance floor...he's the glowing one with his back to me...

2002-09-04 13:26:26 ET

I'm not really that wide...it is a Trick of the Light- or the shutter

2002-09-04 13:30:37 ET

Why is it that the back of his head looks like a schkull?

2002-09-04 13:33:39 ET

he's one of those shave-d ones....and no he's no that wide at all...

2002-09-04 13:49:13 ET

Oh shucks. I like 'em wide and schkull'd.

2002-09-04 13:57:56 ET

what is your native language, bandiera?

you can /hear/ my skull if you tap it hard enough.

2002-09-04 14:01:13 ET

234kd7ckkd3 __+=ry8

But I am being programmed for: English.

2002-09-04 14:02:07 ET

I can settle for schkull schounds.

2002-09-05 20:11:35 ET

I think it looks like a happy face! EEEEE!

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