so it is possible.....(awestruck)
2002-09-09 08:12:59 ET

i have found my limit, i can smoke no more pot,

right now my mp3 player is supposedly playing Ween, but the song is Gin & Juice and the style isn't rap...but country music...with accents and all...OH mY GOD!!!

*curls into ball and goes autistic*

2002-09-09 08:21:23 ET

you and snoop dogg...he announced hes done with weed...

2002-09-09 20:58:26 ET

ahhh, WEEN country! I like Piss up a rope, good song.
Those 2 are such goofs, I had to pick 'em up off the Las Vegas strip in '93 (?), they took to much acid and got confussed and lost. Good thing I was still at the record store, that was they only # that they had.

2002-09-09 22:53:25 ET


wow....and i lied...i smoked more today...

2002-09-10 08:12:11 ET

what is pot?

2002-09-10 08:13:42 ET

to some the savior of the world..

2002-09-10 10:07:58 ET

~child like voice~
Whats that?

2002-09-10 10:09:50 ET

savior is the opposite of satan..he lives down in H.E. double hockey sticks basically savior is a good thing..

im no good with kids..i was teaching my sister (shes 9) what propaganda and subliminal messages are at old navy..

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