2002-04-30 04:03:33 ET

i smoke tea, thats better slang than weed, weed is what phish fans smoke...not me...i smoke tea...i smoke tea and i'm an art cop, i smoke tea, i'm an art cop, and a make pretty picture's to stare at....thats all i am, oh yeah and a member of mensa though i haven't been to a meeting EVER...hmm...why am i all of these things, why am i not, and 60 year old, and living in the bayou, or a member of the french intellectual class, or...or you...why am i not you, what separates me into me....

why did i have to be me, what is me, if i stop smoking tea, am i still me, (ofcourse, i used to never touch the stuff), if i wasn't an art cop would i still be me, (i'm sure i would be), if i didn't make picture's that people liked to look at would i be me (its debatable if people even like to look at them)...if i was dumb would i still be me....

what is the real me, behind it all, the me the ego, the id what is it...when i hear my own voice in my own head, who is talking, is that who i am....when i'm sleeping and i'm other people...who am i then...are the hands that are typing this out to you all, are they ME, or mine, are my legs me, or mine, my eye's my back my spinal column my brain, are all mine....belonging to ME....

huh....i am a collection of observations, memorys, these observations mold me into who i am...i am nothing more than the sum of a set of variables, i have a beginning and an end, yet the set of variables i am apart of is infinite...infinte (want to see the infinate turn your web cam around to face your computer, then turn it on, why does it bend)...these observations are tainted, by the organs that accept there stimolous of the world outside of them,

the relvation that lead to the discovery of quantum mechanics was named the wavictle, upon measuring a certain element with one set of tools it behaved like a wave, (the tools where designed to measure waves), with another set the same element behaved like a particle (with tools you guessed it made to measure particles) what is it...a wave (like light) or a particle (like what atoms make), well the shock came when they tried it on already assume elements...the same affect...waves and particles are the same thing....try it this way..what is glass a solid or a liquid...wrong its a liquid it just moves so slow we can not observe the motion....but go to an old house and look at the windows, they where once as straight and perfect as a new there bent...

so i look at myself the same way...i am only defined by what is measuring each and every person i am something completely different...

just a thought...

2002-04-30 06:09:49 ET

tea rulez

2002-04-30 09:00:18 ET

Wow what deep thoughts...and all I can come up to say back at you
is...tea rules!

Ok really...have you just come upon this realization?
Of course your different to each and every person.
How else am I with you now. If you look at it this
way...When I saw you I saw a cetain quality or lets
say wave/particles. You saw the same thing in me.
I m not trying to get all cheesy like and say "oh we
were meant" But something about you attracted me...
Others did not see this...i saw it... so blah I think
what Im just coming over stupid...I shall stop.


2002-04-30 13:39:29 ET


hmmm...yeah tea rulez....

*L* this isn't a new relevation this is something i have known for a long time i just can't it give up...its a neat know me...i babble...

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