another image...comments???
2002-09-15 03:37:11 ET

2002-09-16 07:39:27 ET

Peter, I really like it. It is almost a picture of how I feel about fall....indescribable.

2002-09-19 13:30:10 ET

It's a forest sprite!!!
Ummm, The first word that came to mind was , CUTE :), not sure if that was what you were going for, but it is cute.

2002-09-19 17:59:28 ET

yeah actually cute is what i was going for....i had this sort of disney-esque sort of shape i wanted to achieve....

2002-09-19 18:01:01 ET

Well you got it then! :)

2002-09-19 19:08:29 ET


2002-09-26 05:19:29 ET

i like it!

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