my worst yet?
2002-09-22 07:23:50 ET

2002-09-22 08:02:36 ET

ever read "insomnia"? Your little guy there has a life string like all of us are supposed to. huh. I like it.

2002-09-22 08:07:28 ET

looks good, except the black lined part looks a little weird

2002-09-22 13:19:33 ET

yeah i have read insomnia...i practice lucid dreaming...thats my connection...

2002-09-22 13:30:06 ET

lucid dreaming is awesome

is it lucid or lusid?

2002-09-23 06:31:13 ET

ummm lucid....

2002-09-23 08:31:30 ET

ok, well i mean lusid ... ohGr wasn't sure if it was spelled like that

2002-09-23 10:04:23 ET

no no...lucid is correct...

2002-09-29 06:30:28 ET

lusid is the song...
lifestring...isn t that from a book about an old man?

2002-09-29 11:06:25 ET

an old man who can't sleep and ends up "seeing" what is really happening right before we die

2002-09-30 08:03:05 ET

Oh GOD yes! what the hell was that book called?
I t was crazy!

2002-09-30 19:07:02 ET


2002-10-01 11:05:14 ET

okay...ummm now I under stand the first few posts...duh.

2002-10-01 11:55:16 ET


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