2002-09-26 04:15:35 ET

these are the things that spend my life with me...or are always on me at all times.

1. Sony Clie PDA, pocket brain, where you put stuff you want to remember but don't. It also plays video games and lets me read The Onion anytime i want to.

2. Generic Albuterol Inhaler. I'm that kid from goonies, using this shit and the most obnoxious moments possible. Actually he used a Primitene Mist Inhaler which are discontinued due to making some ones heart explode. I used to carry one of those till they came off the shelves.

3. My plaid vinyl wallet. Driver license, buisness cards of other people, reciepts, stuff i never take out.

4. Key Clip Carabeener (spelling?), its always hooked to a belt loop, i get inventive and hook random things to it, and holds my work keys.

5. Changes. In case of bum punk kids.

6. The key to my computers case. Very important.

7. Handcuff key. Never know when you might find some one who needs one.

8. Some light thing aynie gave me. Its very bright (IE irratating to OTHER people)

9. Apartment keys.

10. This is whats called silent key ring holder, it attaches to the belt, i bought one a long time ago and always have one. If not i lose my keys, or lock them in the car, just a habit to have one now.

2002-09-26 05:18:56 ET

Interesting! I have never seen a silent key ring holder.

2002-09-26 05:35:00 ET

yeah its used by cops on there duty belt...i actually had a full duty rig at one time, all nice and shiny vinyl coated leather (black ofcourse)....but the pieces have drifted away from me....

2002-09-26 06:25:02 ET

Seems all that you have is very pragmatic *S* Me myself I am always forgetting something I am never prepare for anything.

2002-09-30 08:05:21 ET

I never have anything I should have...

2002-10-01 08:55:12 ET

I always seem to have everything I shouldn't and nothing I need. I seems that the bigger purse I buy, the more crap I stuff in it, but I need a bigger purse because I have so much stuff. Will it ever end?

Damn Kleptomaniacs!

2002-10-01 11:03:08 ET

heheh klepto

2002-10-01 12:04:37 ET

I always end up stealing something, o wait! It wasn't me, it was the one-armed man!

ususally something stupid like silverware, salt & pepper shakers, the little thing they bring your tab out on...... it's beginning to be a contest lately. Bigger purse=bigger things to steal.

Nah, I don't steal from stores, just usually little chinese places in Chinatown or something along those lines. I got caught when I was 8 stealing a crossword puzzle book at Fred Meyer's and i'm scared to steal at stores. They have eyes everywhere.

dum, dum, dum

2002-10-01 15:24:03 ET

I stole a little soy sauce dipping bowl from a sushi place.
They brought us out like twenty of them...like they were going to notice...

2002-10-01 15:47:08 ET

Ooohhhhh, i want one of those!

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