i just made this....
2002-05-06 05:21:50 ET

but i'm not sure if its good or not...

does this suck or not?

2002-05-06 05:50:50 ET

it's cool....but what's up with that fire thingy on the bottom? what program(s) did you use?

2002-05-06 05:51:19 ET

I think its really good. Purple is a nice color.

2002-05-06 06:09:23 ET

thats all photoshop 6.0...and a kodak DC3200 digital camera

2002-05-06 06:10:21 ET

and that fire curly like stuff on the bottom is something i use a lot of in my piece's....blurred lights at night...street lights...flash lights...lights in general...only way to get that cool effect

2002-05-06 06:10:31 ET

ah cool! photoshop is neat. ever use poser or bryce? i want to get my hands on those bad boys...without paying :-P

2002-05-06 06:13:35 ET

i have poser 4.0 and bryce and lightwave...all on disk...but i won't use them...i prefer 2D right now...maybe one day in the distant future

2002-05-06 06:24:54 ET

yeah, poser is just funny...once i made this woman with tits that inflated and deflated as she ran then she got hit by an invisible truck and slid across the ground on her face! yay! ...but as for now i've just been using corel photo house

2002-05-07 05:17:45 ET

neat picture.

2002-05-09 03:24:55 ET

new minty blue flavor

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