...comments welcomed...constructive criticism needed....
2003-01-15 18:31:38 ET

2003-01-15 18:35:55 ET

i really like the job you did on her hair
that is tres cool!

2003-01-15 20:34:36 ET

I just wanna know how you come up with this stuff. Beautiful. Your models must love you.

2003-01-15 21:28:14 ET

That is hot.

2003-01-16 07:40:50 ET

syko> the hair was one of the easiest parts...but thanx.... i think its tres cool too....

Blue> how do i come up with this stuff?.....goood question i don't really know how to answer that....it just comes out at me...when i look at an image i see stuff that i want to do to it...its all really sort of random...but planned...

a fire> thanx....the model does nudes on suicidegirls.com go ahead and find more hotness there...

anything you guys don't like about it...or think is bad...??

2003-01-16 07:46:11 ET

I actually don tlike the photo you used....seems a little crude.

2003-01-16 07:59:50 ET



2003-01-16 14:07:44 ET

thanx aynie....

2003-01-16 16:50:37 ET

thats totally rocking.

2003-01-16 16:51:49 ET

thank you

2003-01-16 18:03:50 ET

the metal arm on the lower right seems a little crooked, and maybe you could add more of a glossy touch to it...

but ither than that its an awesome pic. it reminds me alot of some of Chad Michael Ward's stuff. killer stuff.

2003-01-16 22:59:52 ET

don't know if she wants to hurt you or fuck you......

2003-01-16 23:00:00 ET

or both

2003-01-17 08:14:55 ET

mr. ward is very very good....one of the leaders in the digital fine art movement in my mind...so definately thanx...and yeah that arm does kind of bug me also...i was more technical than i should have been...probably should have made the cut following the arm muscle itself instead of demensions...that whole lower part of the arm detracts me...i went with symbolism and duality too much...thanx...

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