2003-01-18 01:57:14 ET

2003-01-18 03:53:51 ET

This one is different....I know how you feel about "majik" and
"witches" so I m really suprised to see one like this.
other than that the colors are really pretty. and I really like how you used the didfferent images(considering that I ve seen the originals)

2003-01-19 23:20:22 ET

I really like it. Ayn, that's you right? I recognize the star tattoo on the girls back. I really like the color, amber is warm, orange or red would have been too much for the eyes. I really like the star you sorta centered on her back.

2003-01-20 07:18:26 ET

This one is really cool. Did you put her infront of those buildings, or was the picture taken there.

I can't wait to move to New York... we don't have cool old buildings in California. I'll be taking pictures all the time. heh

Beautiful work. My only comment. You did some sort of pattern on her arm. It's kind of hard to see

2003-01-20 08:26:52 ET

yes, thats me, and no that picture was taken in my friends
living room. The building is the out-side of out apartment.

this is the front of it.....be jealous!

2003-01-20 12:05:51 ET

I live in a town called Suburbia. Nothing but fucking new homes. Snore.

2003-01-20 13:00:40 ET

Wow... the Petshop boys would go crazy.

2003-01-20 16:06:47 ET

is it really called Suburbia
that would suck
I can just see a couple blonde ladies in 40s stlye dresses welcoming you to the town saying:
"Welcome to Suburbia!!!"

2003-01-21 00:12:20 ET

I live in Vancouver, Washington (3 miles from Portland, OR) When people ask where I live they say "Ohh, you are from Vancouver, B.C." I say "No, Vancouver, Washington." "Oh, I get it, Washington D.C.!"
I fucking gave up a long time ago and started saying Portland, OR because people know where it is. They may as well name this shithole Suburbia, people might remember that name.

2003-01-21 05:17:09 ET

ahhh, I understand...heh.
that sucks

2003-01-21 07:42:47 ET

the pattern on her arm might be hard to see if your gamma is set to windows standard...have you run the adobe gamma test....???

yeah its unfortunate that i work on an expensive monitor (.20 mm dot pitch) that sits on the brighter side of the monitor world...i have gone to friends houses and looked at my own image and found much of it distorted or blurred by lack of defination and bad gamma.....

2003-01-21 10:23:01 ET

Great... now I have to go and check my gamma. heh

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