2003-01-19 13:07:04 ET

2003-01-19 13:09:39 ET

Wow, that's really cool.

2003-01-19 23:21:52 ET

It makes me wonder what message you are conveying with that photo. The herpes virus? Radio tower of some sort?

2003-01-20 00:46:39 ET

its a statement about mainstream culture

2003-01-20 00:53:52 ET

show that to mtv

2003-01-20 07:15:57 ET

they wouldn't get it

2003-01-20 07:16:34 ET

That would make for an amazing album cover.

2003-01-20 08:35:10 ET

Mmmmm cream puffs.....~drools~ Is there such a thing as chocolate cream puffs?
AnyWAYS! This is different...very different....I m sitting here looking at it and wondering if there is something that I m missing. It is really cool...and a very pwerful statement. DIE MTV!!!!

2003-01-21 07:38:28 ET

no....it spreads like a virus...not kills...well ...hmm maybe....

2003-01-21 20:58:29 ET

It kills kids brain cells. It's a virus, fungus, spore. Blech.

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