2003-01-22 11:01:21 ET

*shakes head*

"he would always answer with one finger"....a famous roshi in the soto sect of zen buddhism would always answer any question by holding up one finger....one day he took in a student who started to mimic his roshis strange way of ansering questions...one day in respone to a question the student held up one finger, and immedately the roshi grabbed and cut off the finger...in the middle of the students screams of pain the roshi yelled out the students name, and when the student looked up at him the roshi held up the students one finger....seeing this the student was enlightened....

sometimes when i'm reading i come across things i just have to share....

2003-01-22 11:35:01 ET

hmm... interesting.

2003-01-22 11:49:06 ET

the roshis original meaning of holding up the one finger is to focus attention on the non-duality of life....the serenity with in life...the human mind separates everything as part of its idenitfing process, its the stamp of the ego, part of the suffering that mankind is carrying... the idea of answering all questions with one up held finger is to signify not two or dualistic principles in life but to show one...as in one consciencess...one mind, one universe...to make his students focus being at one with everything....

2003-01-22 12:01:12 ET

instead of just mimicing those things you see, understand why it is you do the things you do.

aaaahhh... the cultures of asia and thier passion for the dramatic. You have to love it.

2003-01-22 12:06:40 ET

speaking of passion and dramatics have you ever seen the chobits anime about personacons....

i think its jus called chobits its all over kazaa...


2003-01-22 13:53:54 ET

I haven't seen it... I'll have to look it up.

2003-01-22 16:04:04 ET

what does Chobits have to do with the guys finger?

2003-01-22 18:21:58 ET

asian culture and its flair for the dramatic...when ever i think asia dramatics i think of chobits and how the lead guy character acts

2003-01-24 03:18:17 ET


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