2002-05-29 08:13:38 ET

the devils in the details....must find the devil...the devils in the details...

when my father almost had an anuerism (can't spell it) it was affecting the part of his brain that controlled speach, and he couldn't talk correctly at all all his words were abstracts for what he really meant...my name was no longer peter to him it was "nitro"...*LOL*...pretty fun really...it was basically impossible to understand what he meant...he didn't have the anuerism but a partial blot clot formed and was fought down by medication he is now 97 percent of his old self he still blips crazy once in a while...

but the real quextion remains why did i become nitro....

can you imagine laying in a bed with a blood pressure almost of the charts a splitting migraine and not having the ability to talk...he said he was saying it right in his mind but it was coming out wrong from his mouth...weird huh...

2002-05-29 09:09:29 ET

yummy. nitro? cool. i was s'posed to be named mikey and then my parents changed their minds at the last minute.
so then my mom fried her brain after a while smoking pot and acid etc. she keeps calling my mikey. yeah... uh. fun soup

2002-05-29 09:40:39 ET


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2002-05-29 10:35:25 ET

yeah...that is weird...my mom had a head injury a few years back and she was all sorts of fucked up...my mom always said weird shit though

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