new god on the block....
2003-02-14 10:59:16 ET

2003-02-14 11:26:53 ET

hehe that's cute :-)

2003-02-15 17:36:27 ET

I want to hug him and kiss him alllllll over!

2003-02-15 17:50:19 ET

*LOL* it had to be made

2003-02-15 18:04:29 ET

What's his name?

2003-02-15 18:34:00 ET

ummm television...

2003-02-17 13:28:13 ET

hey man you have some really great stuff in your gallery, I'm likin' it. I wish I had more images of people to manipulate.
-The Joker

2003-02-17 13:32:22 ET

thanx...i fall in love with every piece as i'm making it but after return visits they sour quickly...its nice to know other people like them, but i should admit that none of them seem very superoriginal, i feel like all i'm doing is pulling images out of what jung called the universal subconscience, like this one...its like the word thats on the tip of everyones tongue but instead its on the tip of everyones mind....i think once i can start producing truly different and original pieces i will probably be more happy with them....

2003-02-17 13:34:54 ET

Yeah but the majority of people, while participants in the collective unconconcious can't interpet that imagery into a new work. But when someone can, everyone can relate to it. Pretty groovy.

I know what you mean though, I kinda sour over stuff too after I finish it.

-The Joker

2003-02-17 13:41:32 ET

i think its the procress of creation that i enjoy the most, the act of discovery, and since everything i do goes up on the website i maintain i have to look at it all the time, that might have something to do with it...

2003-02-17 13:51:07 ET

yeah same here... Although its cool when you take a break for a while and come back to it and you're like "wow, that was pretty damn cool."

-The Joker

2003-02-17 13:56:21 ET

yeah true enough, and i think the perpetual souring is part of the essential ingredients of drive to create art...if we created something that we immedately loved and loved forever we wouldn't need to create anymore....

2003-02-17 13:58:26 ET

that post sounds redoundant just seeing it....ugh....i am stuck in a mellow funk were i feel like i can't say or do anything new or exciting...its like being jaded to the microcosmos

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