2002-06-04 00:18:02 ET

i'm bored and my vacation is almost over i took a week off and now i'm going to have to deal with work shit again...god they're all so assanine and boring, talking to the people i work with is like pulling teeth, if i hadn't went and gotten my license suspended i would quit and go back on contract security so i could work alone...seriously here's what i have to deal with...a small town girl who drives 2 hours from a farm to work in indy "the big city"...whatever that means, a retired army guy who did such heroic things as sign up to go to germany when everyone else went to vietnam, and now all he does is complain about eveything and seriously i mean everything, if you hate your job so much FUCKING QUIT....and rose a friend who hates work as much as i do....

i wish i could earn my money completely alone

2002-06-04 00:58:22 ET

i know a place that's hiring fluffers.....

2002-06-04 10:29:22 ET

Like Koneko?

2002-06-04 14:59:00 ET

you can become.... god. and ask people to give you money. over the internet.

2002-06-09 07:28:28 ET

give me money....over the internet...i am god...i demand it...

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