imaginary friends
2003-06-03 13:31:14 ET

today on LJ i have created a journal for a person who doesn't exist i will fictionally create events in his life based on my dreams and day dreams and so forth, he will equally be represented by my creativity and my subconscience, the trick to this all is that i will grant him advanced knowledge that he doesn't exist and is merely a fragment of some other aether and inherantly doesn't belong on LJ and shouldn't have the ability to access it...

2003-06-03 13:38:51 ET

i like it. Sounds like it will be a good read. Whats the username?

2003-06-03 13:49:21 ET


2003-06-03 15:28:57 ET


2003-06-03 16:58:45 ET

kind of

2003-06-03 17:46:30 ET


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