2003-07-08 15:43:27 ET


the tornado's are coming right for me!!!!!


*LOL* heh heh...cool...

2003-07-08 16:10:41 ET

i love a wicked storm

2003-07-08 16:25:36 ET

yeah we've had a couple really cool ones recently...lots of high winds and lightening

2003-07-14 22:19:16 ET

it's hurricane season : ) funfun
they keep turning into sad little 'tropical storms' though..pfff

2003-07-14 22:46:56 ET

uh...damn...hurricanes are like really big water tornado's...i hate being wet...i would hate hurricanes...

2003-07-14 22:55:17 ET

haha, water tornadoes.
I've never seen a tornado before.

2003-07-14 23:12:41 ET

i'll try to get a picture of one and post it here...that can't be too hard, just drive out when the weather channel screams about one touching down somewhere...

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