already thinking about it
2007-08-04 19:17:52 ET

Sup guys, I was thinking about Halloween n stuff again.

What should I dress up as for Halloween next year?

I was a zombie last year, and that was very spiffy.

I'd like to keep things consistent, and have a outfit that includes ridiculous amounts of blood and stuff.


2007-08-04 23:51:36 ET

Scott says that you should dress up like a victorian sailor and tie tiny GI Joes so that they hang from strings all over you.

You'd be Gulliver.

2007-08-06 14:59:04 ET

That is such an awesome idea, that my own ideas have retreated into the shadows.

2007-08-14 08:16:31 ET

speaking of Halloween there's a new Halloween movie coming out. Go as Michael Myers.

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