2007-11-25 13:28:23 ET

2007-11-25 13:29:50 ET

I'm not sure how I feel about this.


2007-11-25 13:38:10 ET

this is how you feel

2007-11-25 20:19:23 ET

Pime Taradox!!!!!

2007-11-30 19:44:27 ET

and this is why photoshop is fabulous

btw, nice music selection

2007-11-30 20:33:56 ET


and thanks

which musicians do you speak of in particular?

2007-12-01 05:16:50 ET

eh the vast majority of those posted in your bio. the only ones i'm not sure about are the few that i'm too unfamiliar with.

i've worked for a few industrial night clubs and probably listen to way too much music...not that thats a bad thing

you ever listen to babyland?

2007-12-02 09:13:57 ET

Hmm, I guess my may give some better insight:

Artists I've been listening to most are Coil and Current 93.

I'm not necessarily really into industrial in a general sense, mostly those who are somewhat connected to it yet essentially do there own thing.

Also, I don't think I've listened to Babyland.

2007-12-02 17:53:19 ET

eh i'm into lots of music in general. my 3 favorite bands are probably primus, vnv nation, and babyland. and i listen to a shit-ton of other stuff. i just happen to end up working for industrial clubs since its a musical style/genre that has produced a lot of bands that i relate to musically and lyrically. check out babyland - judging from the rest of your selection i think you'd dig them. they're probably my favorite industrial band of all time, and the best live band i've ever seen - and i've seen them live more than any other band.

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