more photos
2008-04-04 21:06:51 ET

2008-04-04 22:25:03 ET

nicely done

2008-04-05 06:38:12 ET

Tell me you're doing something with this talent other than entertaining us fools in sk-land.

2008-04-05 07:43:24 ET

not as of yet :(

2008-04-05 10:44:49 ET

Honestly, I go through alot of member's work, because pretty much everyone is a photographer or an artist, but I really like the vibe of your work.

Its incredibly hypocritical of me to say this, but I hope you're going to school for this, at least to get some credentials. You could really do something with this.

2008-04-05 19:48:12 ET

oh, thank you very much :)
I do plan to go to a school for such things, though haven't decided where yet
hopefully I will go about something with this eventually, relating to school or not

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