so, I'm bored
2009-05-23 12:53:01 ET

Ask me some questions or something.

2009-05-23 13:13:17 ET

What do your teeth look like?

How many things do you have?

If you had to pick a color, which would be least likely to pick?

2009-05-23 17:43:20 ET

what's your favorite food?

what's your number one aspiration in life?

where do you buy your markers?

(if you catch the reference of that last question, you get bonus points!)

2009-06-26 02:45:18 ET

When you were hangin' with GPO, was it a bit like meeting an eccentric old aunt?

Is that really a rabbit making out with a deer in your background pic? (rhetorical question)

Which state do you live in?

Uh...that's all I got.

2009-06-28 01:07:23 ET

whoops a month

hannah - 1. Candy corn. 2. Enough to make a kayak and a radio with. 3. Violent orange. It has its usage, but it hurts my eyes.

turbo - 1. I can't quite say, there are many tasty foods out there to choose from. :s 2. Hmm, I guess to have a positive effect on people, which is rather vague, but something I hope to do with my art and music. 3. ?:I

schwein - 1. I think that would be an accurate description of things. S/he was nice overall, but eccentric and kinda...distant I guess. I also got a hug. :D I mostly talked with Sleazy, who is probably one of the nicest people I've ever met. 2. It's an illustration of a fawn holding onto the mother whilst crossing some water. It comes from some olde timey article about animals using their limbs in unique ways, or something. 3. California.


2009-06-28 23:26:46 ET

i can definitely relate with 2 wholeheartedly. keep at it.

as for 3, it's a flight of the conchords reference. one of few tv shows i can stand to watch.

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