2006-05-29 14:34:47 ET

these green plants came out of the wood.... and decided to set them selfs on fire and have their smoke stone me.

2006-05-29 20:41:01 ET

i see.

2006-05-30 05:40:18 ET

yea. i was extremely bored and alone last night.

2006-05-30 12:18:20 ET

it happens. i know the feeling. i was too d-:

2006-05-30 15:22:28 ET

too bad we didnt chat it up last night.

2006-05-30 16:58:13 ET

im turboskanker on aim...message me sometime :-D

2006-05-30 18:01:18 ET

I dont have aim... anymore.. i dont think..
i have yahoo and msn though.

2006-05-30 18:12:55 ET

too bad im not on either of those right now as i'm on a public computer...i'll be on them later though

2006-05-30 20:09:38 ET

alrighty. well add me
yahoo: punk_kitten_x
msn: punk_angel9@hotmail.com

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